Dollar Associates is proud to offer a full lineup of timely and industry specific presentations for credit union conferences and meetings. Presented by one of the Dollar Associates Principals Former NCUA Chairman Dennis Dollar, Former NCUA Chief of Staff Kirk Cuevas or Associate Consultant Chris Dollar, these topics provide thought-provoking analysis of current issues impacting the credit union community. Please contact us for rates and availability for these or any other more individually tailored presentations for your next credit union meeting.


Impacting Credit Union Scenarios in a Decade of Change

Dollar Associates takes a "no holds barred" look at credit unions in 2017. More than halfway into a crucial decade, the issues are more challenging than ever. Increased regulation, risk-based capital, the CFPB, restrictions on non-interest income…the picture has some ugly portions. Some other challenges are merely bad. But, for those who believe in the credit union industry's not-for-profit financial cooperative, there's some good news as well. Not minimizing the challenges but hitting them head on, Dollar Associates will address both the significant challenges and the unparalleled opportunities.

With a unique background in credit union leadership, regulation and as leading credit union consultants, Dollar Associates brings it to bear in a presentation that will leave credit union leaders both challenged and uplifted.

UGLY, BAD AND GOOD will examine today's issues such as:

  • Can Credit Unions Grow in Today's Market and Should They?
  • Are Mergers Going to Continue and Are They Good or Bad?
  • Where is Today's Regulatory and Supervisory Environment Headed?
  • Is the CFPB Here to Stay and, if so, What Should We Expect?
  • What are the Odds on the Tax Exemption Issue?
  • What Does the Competitive Lanscape Look Like Going Forward?

Want a presentation that faces the tough credit union issues head on and isn't afraid to take a realistic view, both positive and negative, of the future? UGLY, BAD AND GOOD will challenge any committed credit union leader to look at the challenges strategically and the opportunities boldly.


10 Key Strategic Moves the Credit Unions Must Make in 2017 and Beyond

Dollar Associates takes on the big issues credit unions are facing today and provides a unique perspective on the strategic moves that America's credit unions must make in today's challenging economic times if the movement is to keep moving. Using the analogy of a chess game, Dollar Associates applies our firm's background in credit union leadership and regulation to the most challenging issues facing credit unions today. This provocative presentation will get the juices flowing for credit union leaders to look at the future through the eyes of today's economic and marketplace challenges.

RIGHT "MOVES" will examine such key strategic issues such as:

  • Is There a Silver Lining Behind Today's Economic Clouds?
  • How Crucial is Credit Union Growth Today?
  • The Good and Bad of Service Documentation
  • Are Mergers Good or Bad for the Movement?
  • Can Credit Unions Survive the Taxation Fight?
  • What's up with Regulation, How Much More?
  • What's the Future of CUSOs and Shared Branching?
  • Capital and ROA, Will We Count it Right?

Don't miss out on the discussion and insights that this challenging and enlightening presentation will provide. RIGHT "MOVES" will give any strategic minded credit union leader an opportunity to expand his or her own horizons for where our movement can be tomorrow if the right decisions are made today.

CU 2025

"An Insider's Insight into the American Credit Union Movement in the Year 2025"

Dollar Associates gets out the crystal ball and extends a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing America's credit unions over the next several years into the Year 2025. Dollar Associates offers a dynamic and exciting vision of where credit unions could be in the 2025 marketplace, but also challenges the audience with the difficult choices and decisions necessary to achieve that vision.

CU 2025 will provide a thought provoking overview of critical credit union issues such as:

  • How Many Credit Unions in the Year 2025?
  • Will Merger Mania Continue?
  • What About Charter Conversions?
  • How Will the Taxation Issue Play Out?
  • Will Business Lending and Capital Be Reformed?
  • What About the Future of Directors?
  • More Regulation or Less?
  • CUSOs, Shared Branching, Any Future?


"An Insider's Perspective of the CU Movement at a Crossroads"

Dollar Associates provides a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing America's credit unions in a thought provoking presentation designed to both awaken and focus credit union leaders on how today's decisions will affect tomorrow's outcomes. Dollar Associates will offer six strategic choices credit union leaders must make correctly to be successful in the next decade with a special insight on the trends and challenges in today's marketplace that make these decisions so critical.

The SIX CHOICES will address the following critical credit union issues:

  • Capital Modernization ? Risk Based System or Recklessly Ignored Symptoms?
  • Competition ? Embracing the Marketplace or Escapism from Reality?
  • Cooperation ? Serving and Sharing or Selfishness and Stagnation?
  • Charter ? Viability of Credit Union Charter or Vacation of Credit Union Charter?
  • Congress ? Legislative Activism or Legislative Acquiescence?
  • Consumerization of Membership ? Responding to Consumers or Relegation to Complacency?



As credit union leaders often lose focus during the daily grind on the reasons they choose to be part of the American credit union movement, Dollar Associates provides a stirring reminder of the noble calling accepted by credit union staff, managers and volunteers. Dollar Associates will challenge and move credit union leaders into re-focusing on what makes the credit union movement so important to those who are involved in it and the American people who benefit from it. Those with a heartbeat for credit union service will leave this session holding their heads a little higher and committed even more to taking individual credit unions, and the entire American credit union movement, to the next level.



Every member is a part of your community. Equally as important, every prospective member is a part of the community as well. Community and civic involvement is becoming more and more crucial for credit union success. And not just community chartered credit unions are facing the expectations of making a community wide impact. So are multiple common bond credit unions, and even some single sponsors. Practical and proven strategies for effective community involvement by credit unions are being put into place every day. Some are working, while others are having less results. With a challenging presentation designed to encourage credit unions to turn their name "credit union" from a noun into a verb, Dollar Associates has faced these issues from a number of perspectives. In this very specific presentation filled with countless successful ideas that are working for credit unions nationwide, the presentation brings a "down home" humor to effective "down home" strategies that could work to help the term "credit union" to become viewed more as a verb than a noun in your community.



Dollar Associates performs an in-depth assessment of today's credit union environment.  Using environmental examples such as stormy challenges, rainy days coming, clouds on the horizon and sunshine in the forecast, Dollar Associates provides a realistic - but still frank - overview of the opportunities and challenges credit unions find in the 2017 environment.  From the CFPB to risk-based capital, this "leave no sacred cows untouched" presentation is provocative but encouraging if the right steps are taken to shape the credit union position in this dynamic and changing market.  Dollar Associates takes its unique background in credit union leadership, regulation and consulting and applies it to mapping the credit union future in the environment of 2017 and beyond.

Managing Industry Challenges will examine today's issues such as:

  • Have We Seen the End of Financial Crisis Expenses?
  • What Will Be the Legacy of Dodd-Frank and the CFPB?
  • Can Credit Unions Grow in Today's Market and Should They?
  • Will Credit Union Mergers Slow Down or Speed Up?
  • Is There a Break Coming in Regulatory Overkill?
  • Does the Cooperative Movement Have a Future?
  • How Will the Competitive Landscape Look as Banks Move Past the Bailout Era?

Don't miss out on the discussion and insights that this far-ranging and strategic presentation will provide.  MANAGING INDUSTRY CHALLENGES will challenge any committed credit union leader to see 2015 and beyond as an opportunity to enhance his or her credit union's footprint in the financial marketplace. 



A recent study states that 48 percent of 18-24 year olds are "not familiar at all" with credit unions.  Other surveys are even more alarming.  Yet the size and financial impact of Gen Y/Millennials continues to grow.  Credit unions know they cannot neglect to penetrate this expanding demographic, but there are more questions than answers on how best to attract and retain young members.

Join Gen Y credit union consultant Chris Dollar as he discusses various tactics that go beyond merely having a Facebook presence or embracing technology for reaching young people in your community.  Using his own experience as a young credit union leader, former credit union employee and current consultant, Chris Dollar offers understanding of this demographic and practical tips to attract this essential group.

This presentation, perfect for a breakout session, will provide hope for credit unions in reaching this portion of the population and show that the credit union philosophy of "people helping people" is one that can resonate with young employees, volunteers and members.  


Does Today's Bank Dissatisfaction Signal a Field of Dreams for Credit Unions...Or Present a New Challenge a Dynamic Industry Must Rise to Meet

Dollar Associates looks into fields seemingly ripe unto harvest for new members and challenges credit unions to examine their team to make sure it is up to the challenges growth will bring.  With the unique background Dollar Associates brings to the table in the fields of credit union leadership, regulation and consulting, future, this presentation does not gloss over the challenges facing growing credit unions in a season of tremendous growth opportunity.  Yet, the opportunity must be seized.  Let's get specific on what must be done to seize it.

IF THEY COME, WILL YOU BUILD IT? will examine today's issues such as:

  • Is Field of Membership a Dead Issue for Credit Unions?
  • Is there a Top Priority Product or Service that Holds Credit Union Members?
  • Is Growth Really Achievable in Today's Credit Union Market?
  • Are there Regulatory Developments that May Keep Credit Unions from Building?
  • What about Legislation on the Horizon?
  • Is there a Break Coming in Regulatory Overkill?
  • Is there a Credit Union Difference and do Members See it as a Value?

FOM 2017: An Analysis of Field of Membership Options

New FOM Rules, Existing Opportunities...What Options are Available to My Credit Union?

In October 2016 NCUA approved their long-awaited amendments and revisions to the agency’s field of membership (FOM) rules and regulations. This was welcomed news by many because, regardless of charter type, FOM policy still matters for every credit union in America that wants to grow. After all, new income requires new loans which require new accounts which require new members which require more eligible members which require more field of membership opportunity. The daisy chain of credit union financial success begins with field of membership.

NCUA's new FOM rules will change the potential membership eligibility playing field for all federally insured credit unions. In this webinar, former NCUA Chairman Dennis Dollar and former NCUA Chief of Staff Kirk Cuevas take an in-depth look at the history behind this rule and the practical implications for credit unions.

Subsequent to the new rules being approved NCUA also issued for comment an additional field of membership proposal. As leading experts in credit union field of membership, former NCUA Chairman Dennis Dollar and former NCUA Chief of Staff Kirk Cuevas will walk attendees through the new field of membership rules, while also identifying areas of suggested improvement on the subsequent proposed rules that NCUA could implement as part of its comment period and review process.

Don’t miss out on the discussion and insights that this challenging and enlightening presentation will provide. This presentation will give any strategic minded credit union leaders the tools necessary to evaluate and respond to recent changes to the NCUA field of membership manual and analyze the true impact of potential changes on the credit union's goals.

Comments from Presentations:

"Good message - good delivery.  I always enjoy hearing Dennis Dollar speak.  He motivates everyone and helps them to remember exactly what makes a credit union unique."

Western States Volunteers Conference Attendee

"Appreciate the outstanding analysis of data and facts with accessible recommendations and presentation skill and passion for the cause and industry!"

CU Association of Colorado Annual Meeting Attendee

"Excellent session, very informative and enlightening as always."

CUES CEO Network Attendee

"That was absolutely extraordinary.  Dollar is a powerhouse with highly significant and insightful advice.  Let's hear more!"

Big Valley Educational Conference Attendee

"Truly top quality speaker and relevant topic.  Another home run!"

Washington CU League Volunteers Conference Attendee

"Thank you Mr. Dollar.  I could listen to you for hours.  I attend your sessions every chance I get."

Maine Credit Union Roundtable Participant

"Outstanding presentation in all aspects.  Truly a valuable speaker."

NAFCU 46th Annual Conference Attendee

"I believe credit unions can benefit immediately from the methods you suggested. Your enthusiasm is contagious. Thank you again for your contribution."

Cornerstone Credit Union League Small CU Committee

"You are and I believe will always be a trusted resource for everything Credit Union. I look forward to sharing this with other small credit unions and our board."

Cornerstone CU League Small CU Committee Participant

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