Archive Recording: Ten Questions Every Credit Union Should Ask Its Next Corporate

No sooner had the reports gone out about the NCUA’s actions in late 2010 to help define the future of the corporate system than natural person credit unions began analyzing what to do next. What had been speculation over the past 18 months was now becoming an actual decision facing every credit union in America. Within the next few months, credit unions will make the call – will there be a corporate system, what will be its business model, and will my credit union do business with and invest in a corporate?

While there were some who predicted that the entire corporate system would fail and all 27 corporates would be put into conservatorship well before now, a number of corporates have come through this debacle un-conserved and undeterred. They plan to be survivors, perhaps even thrive under the new corporate regulation. Whether their plans come to fruition will be determined by natural person credit unions that either bring them their business and investments–or not. The future of the corporate network is in the hands, not of the regulator, but of the natural person credit unions of America.  

Credit unions need to do their homework and make the best decision for their credit union.  A corporate relationship may not be right for every credit union going forward, but automatically discounting the potential value of a revitalized and capitalized corporate system may not be wise either. This essential webinar provides a guide for credit unions to ask the tough questions of potential corporate partners. If the corporate soliciting your business cannot answer them satisfactorily, move on to another option.  However, if the corporate can meet your needs but needs your support and commitment to them in order to do so, it would not be a good business decision to say no if indeed there is more value to your individual credit union by saying yes.

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