Archive Recording: NCUA's Risk-Based Capital Proposal: Where Is It Headed?

NCUA's proposed risk-based capital (RBC) rules will change the playing field for all federally insured credit unions. In this webinar, former NCUA Chairman Dennis Dollar takes an in-depth look at the history behind this proposed rule (including recent changes made based on the first comment period), what the practical implications will be and what might be some of the improvements that could be made to make the revised proposal more workable for credit unions.

All credit unions will be impacted by this new proposed regulation. Since the need for capital modernization is the generational issue of credit unions today and with the need for increased earnings through managed risk stronger than ever, any credit union should seek to understand as fully as possible the proposed risk-based capital rule. Likewise, it is important to understand how RBC fits into the full picture of needed capital modernization and why it is only one of the four pillars of effective capital modernization for credit unions. As credit unions should also attempt to influence the final version of the rule through the public comment period with concrete suggestions for improving the rule, this insider's perspective webinar should help the participant in this session both understand where the proposal stands now and how a credit union can help shape the final rule.

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Original Date: February 17, 2015


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