Strategic Planning

"It is the size of a credit union's vision, not the size of its assets, that determines its long term success."

Dollar Associates feels strongly, based upon the experience we have gained in the credit union field, that it is the size of a credit union's vision, much more so than the size of its assets, by which its long term success will be determined. We also recognize that every credit union is unique, as is its strategic planning needs.

Upon agreement for Dollar Associates to work with your credit union in the strategic planning arena, we will contact you to outline the specifics of the type of planning session that will fit your credit union's needs. From a traditional SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) approach to a more specific approach tailored to your credit union's individuality, we can facilitate a session specifically designed to benefit you. Whatever approach you prefer, our emphasis is always to work with you to assess your credit union's foundation, evaluate its mission, measure its performance, stoke its vision, establish its goals and develop its roadmap to strategic success.

"Action without planning is fatal. Planning without action is futile."

An integral part of the Dollar Associates strategic planning session is the "condition and future of the credit union industry" presentation which kicks off the process. Delivered by one of the Dollar Associates strategic planning facilitators, the presentation provides a unique perspective of the marketplace, regulatory, legislative and political landscape upon which your credit union will build its strategic plan.

Using the insider's perspective gained by being at the forefront of every significant credit union issue addressed in recent years, the Dollar Associates team can help your credit union understand not only the landscape they will be building upon, but we can work with you to tailor your strategic goals and action steps to fit that landscape.

100 percent of Dollar Associates Strategic Planning clients indicated they would recommend our services to another credit union.

Comments from Strategic Planning Clients:

"The best session we ever had. Dollar Associates works well with the board of directors and management. Has the experience and vision at the very top of our industry, but also the practical experience running a credit union."

Mid-Hudson Valley FCU, NY

"Dollar Associates was invaluable in expanding our investment area charter and in their merger knowledge."

United FCU, MI

"The management and Board of Directors all expressed that they felt the information presented was prepared well and communicated clearly. Dennis Dollar engaged the group in the meeting and we ended the day with some clear goals and position statements. Excellent session! Great facilitation! Enjoyable day!"

Credit Union of Ohio

"I thought Kirk Cuevas and Chris Dollar did a good job with where my board is in their growth/transition."

University of Kentucky FCU, Lexington, KY

"Thank you for guiding our team through the minefield of strategic issues that will benefit our credit union, and more importantly our members, during the intermediate and long term."

Barksdale Federal Credit Union