Archive Recording: Impact Your Community: Credit Union Community Involvement 101

Every member is part of your community.  Equally as important, every prospective member is a part of the community as well.  Community and civic involvement is becoming more and more crucial for credit union  success.  And not just community chartered credit unions are facing the expectations of making a community wide impact.  So are multiple common bond credit unions, and even some single sponsors. 

Practical and proven strategies for effective community involvement by credit unions are being put into place every day.  Some are working, while others are having less results.

With a challenging presentation designed to encourage credit unions to turn their name "credit union" from a noun into a verb, former NCUA Chairman, legislator and credit union president Dennis Dollar has faced these issues from a number of perspectives.  In this very specific presentation filled with countless successful ideas that are working for credit unions nationwide, he brings a "down home" humor to effective "down home" strategies that could work to help the term "credit union" to become viewed more as a verb than a noun in your community.

Don’t miss out on the discussion and insights that this challenging and enlightening presentation will provide. 

Impact Your Community: Credit Union Community Involvement 101
Price: $ 95.00