Collecting from Members (and Doing It Like a Credit Union) in the CFPB Era

Collecting on a credit union's legitimate delinquent and charged off loans is more challenging than ever in today's CFPB driven environment. And doing so in a manner that generates payments, creates recoveries, stays CFPB compliant and is still sensitive to the special relationship between a credit union and its member-owner makes the challenge even a tougher balance. In this no cost webinar that it is being offered as a service to the industry, the team at Dollar Associates is bringing to the table some of the nation's leading experts in collections and recoveries in the CFPB era to share their experience and expertise in this crucial area of credit union operations.

Mike Joplin, CEO and founder of San Diego-based CU Revest, and Mike Hales, EVP of CU Revest, will provide an in-depth look at the processes and strategies that are proving successful in credit union industry specific collections and recoveries today - while still keeping your credit union in the good graces of the CFPB.

Also on the agenda for this webinar, John Culhane of the highly respected Atlanta-based law firm Ballard Spahn, one of the most well known attorneys in the country on CFPB issues. Credit unions and banks retain attorneys like those at Ballard Spahr at considerable expense to have them share the type of information that Mr. Culhane will be presenting at this webinar. They are some of the best in the business when it comes to the realities of the CFPB era in which we live.

Join us in this very timely webinar on collections and recoveries in today's CFPB driven arena. We at Dollar Associates are pleased to offer this level if expertise to credit unions on this crucial area.

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