Archive Recording: IRS Reporting on Credit Union Executive Compensation: The Insides and Outs of the New Excise Tax on all Not-for-Profits

Since Congress passed the new tax law in 2017, credit unions have been waiting for the IRS to come forward with their reporting regime for executive compensation – including employee benefits and deferred compensation.  Credit union executives, as well as credit unions themselves, will be impacted by how the calculations are made and through what mechanism credit unions must report publicly accessible executive compensation.  On behalf of its over 450 credit union clients, Dollar Associates has been monitoring this issue for over a year.  We have provided the most up-to-date analysis from some of the industry’s most seasoned experts in executive compensation at not-for-profit entities. 

Now is the time for the early 2019 update.  The IRS has come forward with its guidance on how credit unions are to report executive compensation, what is to be included and how the excise tax is to be calculated.  The 92-page IRS guidance is ready for the experts to weigh in.

The team from Dollar Associates has brought together experts to help credit unions make heads and tails of the new IRS guidance in a FREE webinar for credit union leaders on Wednesday, February 13, 2019 from 3:00-4:30 p.m. EST.

Appearing on the webinar with the Dollar Associates team will be representatives from TRISCENDNP, an executive benefits consulting firm out of Dallas, Texas, that has partnered with the Dollar team to bring the most up-to-date and actionable analysis of the excise tax issue and all that is related to it.  Reporting requirements.  Calculation methods.  Deadlines.  Public access concerns.  TRISCENDNP is a consulting firm that works exclusively with not-for-profit entities such as hospitals, foundations, associations, universities and credit unions.  Their expertise and understanding of this issue are second to none.

Join us on February 13 as the team from TRISCENDNP takes us through the intricacies of the excise tax and reporting issue following the IRS guidance.  And particularly look forward to the Dollar Associates team bringing the issue down to credit union industry specifics from their own experience as one of the industry’s leading credit union consulting firms.

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